About Me

I'm Jessica, a middle-aged, middle income, middle school teacher living in middle America. I'm a pretty average girl. I have 2 kids, a busy schedule, a stressful career and a wonderful future ahead of me. That wasn't always the case and in 2010, when I felt like I was at rock bottom, I took to a blog to write about my problems. I abandoned that blog in 2013 as my return to teaching full time arrived but have always missed the outlet that blogging gave me. I'm going to attempt to return to it here. My children hope to participate as well. Let's see how this goes. Below is the introduction I once had on this blog, with a little editing from me. I hope you will stick around to find out more about our Five Star Life. Jessica ~~~ In 2008, I began a second life as a single mom of two boys. I faced leaving a job I enjoyed to move in with a parent, carrying debt in the form of credit cards and student loans, restarting my life in a new town and discovering who I was as a person. In the time since, I have struggled both financially and personally. I have dealt with depression, anxiety, financial struggles, and at times, a tremendous amount of stress.

In 2010, I decided to take control of my finances and began a blog, called The Debt Princess. I held myself accountable for all the debt I had acquired and wrote posts outlining the mistakes I had made along the way and what I was doing to repair them. My goal was to tell my story and show others "What NOT to Do." I had a desire to speak to young adults, their parents and college students about financial mistakes and how to fix them. I wanted to educate them on how easily it can be to end up with little more than bills and the clothes on your back.

During those tumultuous time, I began to find moments of happiness with my children, my career and within myself. I began to move beyond the immediate gratification that I had come to desire in my previous life and learned to take the time to work for what ultimately would be better for us as a family. I found that average moments could turn into above average memories. And money had very little to do with living a rich life.

A Five Star Life is about finding those small pockets of time within a busy day and remembering that memories are made during them as much as they are in the larger events. It's about creating a fulfilling, rich life and being grateful for the small things more than the larger. It's about taking the time to enjoy the company of those you love. It's about creating a life that deserves five stars!