Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Son's Love

I had an amazing moment the other day that I wanted to include on my blog, mostly for posterity!

I picked up my children from school and as we were walking in the house my son started a conversation that I will never ever forget.

He's just 9 years old and while he is extremely intelligent (and that's not just mother's bias either), sometimes he has difficulty expressing himself. We have become very close over the past few years and truly bonded in the past 9months or so. He's finding it easier to express his feelings but was stumped the other day.

A number of times when we've walked into the door of our apartment, he will say to me "I love our new home." We moved here in October. Our first place, just the three of us. It's welcoming (he's loved it even more now that I've added photos of the boys to the walls) and cozy and all ours. On this day he started to talk about how much he loves it here but then stopped and looked at me and said "I just love you so much. Like you don't even know!" *Cue tears*

Ean (9) with his brother, Gavin (6)

When a nine year old boy says something like that to you there's not much you can do but hug the hell out of him and that is just what I did. He looked up at me and said "no really, I can't even explain it to you how much I love you."

I think I just received the single greatest gift any mother could ever hope to receive.

I'm one truly lucky momma and with mother's day coming up, I think I got my present early!!

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