Friday, January 13, 2012

My Bio, in Rhyme!

As part of an assignment for a grad school class I am taking on Creativity in the Classroom, we have been asked to do a 2-3 minute presentation about ourselves. I wrote a kick ass poem that is sure to win a Pulitzer! 

I plan to pair it with a slide show of some pics (if I can find ones to use). If that doesn't work, then maybe I'll have the kids draw pictures on their day off from school Monday. If not, well then this is as creative as I get. 

And so I give you:

The Bio of Jessica (best when read out loud as intonation is crucial)

There once was a girl from Ohio
She started freaking out over writing her bio.

Be creative she was told.
Her reply? “UGH, I'm too old.”

So this girl she sat and she thought.
What is with this class? Come on Dr. Rhodes,
Creativity just can't be taught.

Her story began too long ago
but it gets most interesting
when she moved to Columbus, Ohio.

She graduated from Ohio State
and taught for a few years
before getting married, that only lasted 6 years.

The highlight of her life comes in the form of 2 boys
Gavin and Ean who are great
but lord their obsessed with Lego toys

Life was hard post divorce.
Money was tight and it only got worse.

Unemployment, no car, massive debt,
but living with mom was even worse yet.

This girl fought, she didn't bow out.
She put on her big girl pants
and paved a new route.

Back to school she decided to go
no where else but O-H-I-O

But that wasn't enough, she needed to make money
So she started to write a blog,
She really is quite funny.

And so she became The Debt Princess
She writes about money and her lack of good sense.

As a freelance writer her mission is clear
make some money for bills and occasionally a beer.

Her hope is to talk to high school students.
and teach them what not to do.

She'll feel better about the future,
and maybe you will too.

Now here she is in T&L 823
She'll do her very best,
She better not get a C.

*taking a bow*