Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 Ways to Know There are Boys Under My Roof

For the past three years I have been a single mom with two boys on a full-time basis. They would go to their father's every other weekend, your typical parenting arrangement.

As of this past month, the boys have been spending a week with their father and then a week with me. I never realized how much I miss them and how LOUD they can truly be until the place was empty.

This weekend after they returned, it occurred to me that anyone could walk into my house at any point in the day and know whether or not it was the boys' week with me or their father.

Here are 10 Ways to Know There Are Boys Under My Roof:

1. You can hear statements like "Quick, smell my feet!" (Yes, I heard this EXACT sentence on Sunday!)

2. There are Legos in the bathroom.

3. You have a sore on your foot/twisted ankle/wrenched knee after stepping on a Hot Wheel.

4. You are being explained the "ins and outs" of Star Wars even after saying "I have no idea what you are talking about."

5.There's the popping of guns going off. I live in a historical neighborhood but not a war zone!

6. The toilet isn't flushed, the lid is up and there's no toilet paper on the roll.

7. The couch cushions and pillows are all over the floor.

8. As you walk into the house you find a jacket, followed by a backpack, then another jacket, a pair of shoes, a Storm Trooper (see # 4), another backpack and one sock, all within three feet of each other.

9. The television is playing Sponge Bob on loop.

10. There's two girls ringing my doorbell!

Even with all the noise, the mess, the fighting and Sponge Bob, I wouldn't trade one minute of my time with them for anything!!

My kids aren't naturally horizontal, Blogger keeps doing this to me and after 45mins, I quit. Just tilt your head, K?

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