Monday, August 22, 2011

Insane or Genius? Does it Really Matter if the End Justifies the Means?

There was never a genius without a tincture of madness. - Aristotle

Today I made a suggestion to my ex-husband that could very well backfire on me. Awhile ago it was suggested to me that I consider this idea as possibility. Initially I thought it was crazy but yet, I could never quite get it out of my mind.

I married a man who is not prone to compromise nor is he interested in ideas that are not originally his. While married, I frequently had to make suggestions in a round-about way that gave him the feeling that he came up with the idea.

Today I took a leap and suggested that we go to Walt Disney World together. Together as in, myself, my two sons and him. Together as in, we'll see more of each other in that time than we have in the three years we have been divorced. Together as in returning to the place where we honeymooned only this time with our children.

Am I insane or what?

We don't discuss things well. We don't get along well. And compromising is something similar to a drug deal; I'll give you this, if you give me that but we're doing it without looking each other in the eye and we won't speak of it again.

Yet, I have a feeling this idea could also make me a genius, well a financial genius at least.

He and I both want to take the children to Walt Disney World. We were sort of in a rush to be the first one to do so. I knew that he was going to get there before me until I talked to him today. He let me know that as he looked into the cost of a trip there, he didn't think it was doable.

Once I made the suggestion that we go together, splitting the cost of airfare, food, tickets and hotel rooms (not the same room but maybe two rooms joined together by a door that can lock!!). I realized that this insane idea may actually be briliant. And to my surprise, he is actually thinking about it. He just might see the sensibility in this idea.

And so, like Aristotle said "There was never a genius without a tincture of madness." My insane idea of going to "the happiest place on Earth" with the man who I once loathed, at times hated and sometimes pair his name with profanity, could turn out to be a pure stroke of genius!

And if we can conquer a trip of this magnitude, maybe the next 13+ years will be smooth sailing!

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